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About us

Established in 2012 by Lev Shapiro as a joint company with, a leading website for searching electronics components in Russia. All4bom provides tender services between suppliers to allow each customer to get the best prices and enable suppliers fair competition all over the world.
Each buyer or engineer can receive second source and BOM optimization service from our technical people with experience of over 20 years that can provide technical solution which will reduce products cost and resolve production problems. All4bom Group has branches in Russia and in Israel.
All4bom and have developed a common database system and a uniform tool that will allow customers and suppliers all over the world to:
  •  Participate in tenders
  • Show stock on both websites
  • Get engineering services
  • Show new products
All4bom Group has branches in Russia and in Israel.

We always happy to hear your ideas and opinions about our system, please contact us:

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